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About us

About us

The company is active in the lighting market for more than 40 years now.

The partnership with DISANO - which was meant to be the biggest Italian lighting company- started at the early seventies.
For at least 2 decades the company was principally focused on the commercial lighting as well as the urban lighting.
By the mid of nineties, the company enriched the gamma of its products & services (new commercial agreements, emphasis to the technical support) in order to respond better to the newly arrived market trends, according to which lighting was becoming more & more significant in the building industry.

Today , the company is being activated in 3 basic sectors:

  • Technical lighting (blocks of offices , banks, commercial centers, etc)
  • Architectural lighting (residences, buildings of a certain aesthetic, museums, hotels, etc)
  • Urban lighting (streets, squares & pedestrian zones, building facades)
  • Sports lighting (indoor & outdoor facilities)
  • Street lighting (roads, tunnels, underpasses etc)

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