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Point to point control

Point to point control

The remote control and management of urban & road lighting installations can be expanded up to the independent control of each lighting point separately (point-to-point control).

With the flexibility of this system, the maintenance cost is significantly reduced while the  citizens’ satisfaction level  is also improved since it is obtained a mutual transmission of information between each fixture and the control center (H / PC) and vice versa, by means of the right equipment (module) within each lamp.

In this way, it is achieved the direct access at each luminaire’s status concerning  its main electrical components & features (lamp, gear, consumed power, supply voltage, etc.) in real time. It is by means of a P/C that all system parameters, such as timing touch and quenching, the percentage of dimming, information about different alarms, settings aimed at energy savings, can change. The point –to- point control is possible both in lighting installations with LED luminaires and conventional ones (with either magnetic or electronic  ballasts). In any case, no additional wiring needed for the "bi-directional communication" of the lighting with the control panel, as this can be achieved either wirelessly (via radio frequences) or through the power wiring of lights, by using a high-frequency signal (carrier signal) .


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