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Gruppo Disano

Definitely the biggest Italian lighting company over the last 50 years, and amongst the 5 biggest in Europe.
Complete range of products for both interior (Fosnova) & exterior (Disano) applications.

Hot Spot
Urban lighting and residential lighting

In 2 Words
Value for money


One of the most reliable & specialized manufacturers of architectural exterior lighting, all over the world. Very much focused on quality & design issues.

Hot Spot
Their ground recessed fixtures (always pre-cabled & equipped with IP68 fast connectors).

In 2 Words
Qualitative differentiation

Wever & Ducre

The architect’s joy !
The "digest" of architectural lighting for indoor and outdoor. Attractive catalogue, original ideas, clean & cut shapes.

Hot Spot
Their tailor made aluminium profiles made to measure for every single request.

In 2 Words
Well done finish


Pure representative of what is called "technical lighting". High quality standards combined with structural flexibility . Extremely interesting range of track floodlights as well as downlights.

Hot Spot
Their fixtures’ reflectors, thoroughly designed & made by themselves.

In 2 Words
German quality in a reasonable cost.


A "boutique" lighting company, ideal for special cases . Emphasis to the fiber optics & led technology.

Hot Spot
Perfect technical support , quick & reliable!

In 2 Words
The right stuff for an elegant result.


A reliable Italian company, flexible in the “specialties”, that keeps a standard level of quality.

Hot Spot
The architectural linear fluorescent fittings for every kind of application (interior & exterior).

In 2 Words
Italian value


A Spanish company, very much experienced in urban lighting, principally concentrated on traditional forms.

Hot Spot
Their long lasting and successful presence in the city of Barcelona.

In 2 Words

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