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Overall control

Overall control

It about controlling at the same time all lighting fixtures which constitute an urban or road lighting. This solution is based on the use of reliable and maintenance-free central power controllers (power controllers), which regulate the lighting intensity (dimming) based on the principle of the variation of the supply voltage. It is the best option when the short payback time is desired (usually less than three years).

It is an ideal solution for energy saving in existing lighting installations made up of fixtures with discharge lamps & conventional control gear (magnetic ballast).

The great advantage of this solution is that it is not required any intervention in the existing luminaires or the existing electrical installation, except from the installation of the power controllers close to the main feeding pillars and the electrical wiring between themselves. The standard operation of the power controller as a voltage stabilizer too (preciseness ± 1%) provides an additional service to the user, contributing significantly to the longevity of both the lamp and the gears and therefore to the minimization of maintenance. The remote management is also possible for luminaires  (through an appropriate software) as well as the wireless data transmission line via GSM / GPRS modem.

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